Our situation - Ride to Rescue

Since 2023, Yasmin, the horses and the cats are based in Ras al Khaimah.

Up until then, Mandara Equestrian Club in Abu Dhabi was an amazing home and partner for the project, allowing us to run many beautiful sessions to generate income and we are very thankful for all their support over the last years!

In 2023, a new opportunity came up in Ras al Khaimah and after months of driving between the two cities, Yasmin took the decision to focus all her energy on this new project.

Unfortunately, due to outside circumstances the new project did not take off as expected and now Yasmin is left with all her animals in the beauty of the Ras al Khaimah landscape.

The location however is far from the big cities Dubai and Abu Dhabi which makes it difficult to generate sufficient income through regular classes like in the past. Therefore, the project currently relies solely on private sponsors. To support Yasmin, please consider a bank transfer to one of her partners bank accounts here.

Long Term Dreams

In the long term, our dream continues to have a place where our horses can stay permanently, without having to move from one place to the other.

A place where the weather allows horses to be outdoors all year round and where our group can retire on green pastures.

The ultimate dream would be to offer a beautiful retirement home for more UAE based horses, not only our current group...

We pray that our dreams will come true one day....

If you are an angel investor looking to invest in farmland and to create a beautiful space for horses and humans alike, please reach out...

Thank you to our invaluable Supporters!