Media Coverage for our Project

Thank you to the media who took the time to speak to us and let the community be aware of our project.
The publicity helps us to raise awareness for a better way of treating horses, one of the highly regarded animals in this region, and of course also helps to keep us going.

13 July 2020 - Abu Dhabi World

In his recent feature story - Abu Dhabi animal rescue: Save a life today, the Abu Dhabi World magazine and David Young included a paragraph on the Ride to Rescue story and how the public can get involved to help the horses in Abu Dhabi. Read the full story at:

06 June 2020 - The National

By Ann Marie McQueen

'They're the best healers': how rescue horses are helping troubled UAE children

28 February 2020 - The Showhub

By Abigail L Blom
How did a Palestinian/Greek fashion designer end up becoming the face of horse rescue in the UAE?
We meet the inexhaustible Yasmin Sayyed to find out more…

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