The Ride to Rescue Team

Find here our dedicated team of instructors who are working to make your experience at Ride to Rescue exceptional:

Yasmin Sayyed

The founder of Ride to Rescue and the heart and soul of the project. 

Always positive and happy, the only thing that can make her loose her smile is when animals or people are mistreated for no reason. 

Read her full background here. 

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Aga Czajka

Aga is a photographer and big animal lover with a passion especially for horses and dogs. She spent a big part of her life at her grandparents farm surrounded by different kinds of animals, where she learned how to be around them and care for them. 

Aga would love to share this experience with everyone who is interested in spending some quality time with these beautiful animals.

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Nadia Nazier

Nadia is a graphic designer with a big passion and love for animals. 
She believes that every animal deserves a life filled with love and Ride to Rescue gives them that. 
Nadia is helping the Ride to Rescue project on the marketing side, and currently working on worksheets and booklets to make the lessons more fun and interesting for the children.

She also teaches beginners and children.
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Monica Kubik

Monica runs the leadership seminars at Mandara Equestrian Club - for corporates, individuals and also teenagers. She also offers private sessions in Horse Guided Empowerment. A unique way to help people who struggle in life to get new ideas with the help of our rescue horses!

Her sessions are for everyone, not only riders, and all work is done from the ground.

Find out more about her work here.

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