Our cats!

At Ride to Rescue, we not only rescue horses.
Also cats are taken in when there is no other place for them, until we find them a new loving home.

Please support us as a sponsor - cat food, vet bills etc are adding quite a bit to our monthly expenses, and we want to be able to continue to help where we can.

Support us:

And if you are looking to adopt a cat, look no further! Below are the current fosters who live in Yasmin's house with 25 other cats - some are happy there, some would prefer to have a human who dedicates more time and personal attention to them!
All the cats are healthy, vaccinated and neutered when you take them. Adoption fees are asked to pay for the vet bills. 
Send us a whats app if you would like to meet them in person!


This is Fluff, an American cat. He is beautiful, gracious, calm and loving.
Fluff has been handed over end of 2020, but he is not very happy here. Too many cats trouble him.
He is around 10 or 11 years old, and dreams to have his own house, preferable with no other cats or very calm cats.

Who can offer him a beautiful quite home where he can spend the rest of his life?
He deserves the best.

Prince Zimbi

Prince Zimbi is a male bengal mix, approx 6 months old...the cutest fella ever.
Yasmin found him early 2021 at her local supermarket where he turned up out of nowhere. When he saw her, he ran directly to her and jumped right into the car! He is super cuddly and loves children. He would be perfect for a villa with garden as he loves to sleep in the trees. 

Snowie and Frederick

Snowy and Frederick are so in love with each other.
They would need to be adopted together - who wants to have two loving kitties who play with each other?
Else, please become their virtual adoption parents and sponsor their monthly food bills!

Princess Mazazu

This is Princess Mazazu or in German we would call her "Fressaeckchen" .

She was once found motherless on the street by a Vet, and the Vet gave this little fluff ball to us. She was and is the cutest little kitty ever. 

She lives happy here, is not up for adoption, but she will be grateful if someone would love to sponsor her extra portion of wet food. Simply use our PayPal option for a one off payment or the monthly sponsorship at the top of the page!

Thank you to our invaluable Supporters!