Support our horse rescue project - your help

Do you want to help and get involved in Ride to Rescue?
We need support from the community to maintain the welfare of the animals in our care.
There is no government funding for our rescue project and so we rely on the public to assist us. 
See below video of our story, featured on CNN Arabia:

The best ways to help

The best way to help:

Please come and participate in our paid activities in Ras al Khaimah!
We need the income to sustain the business.
All our offerings are centered around love and caring for nature.

Support us via bank transfer:

We need regular sponsors to feed the horses and pay for veterinary bills of the rescues.
If you can set up a monthly bank transfer - any amount helps - that would be great! 
Please find here the bank details where you can support us to pay for hay, feed, rent.
Please send a screenshot to What's app ‭‭+971 56 481 9410‬. 

Thank you!


We currently have 21 horses who are not being sponsored. If you are interested to become a regular sponsor, even just with a small monthly contribution, please get in touch. 
We are also looking for companies to sponsor us in return for great coverage. Please contact Yasmin on whats app for details. 

We have a few rideable horses who "earn" the money for the herd, and others who are not rideable and can hardly generate an income.

Our costs

The highest bill we face is the livery costs at the stable and feed. 

Each horse costs around 2500 AED to 3000 AED per month - livery, hay, ferrier, veterinary, supplements, medicine, etc.

Rescuing is not a cheap operation, and these sick and old horses need lots of treatments as well as expensive care to avoid even higher veterinary costs.

All the above does not include any salary for myself. I work for free, live for free thanks to a generous friend, and hardly spend any money for myself except for fuel, food and water.

Especially with the summer just around the corner, we struggle to pay the bills, but don't want to let the animals down.

Thank you to our invaluable Supporters!