The rescue horses

Currently, there are 35 horses under my care, out of which 25 cannot be ridden anymore. I have to pay the bills for all of them, as well as many cats both at the stable and my home that were abandoned and now require feed and veterinary care until we manage to find a new home for them. 
We are looking for Sponsors and Virtual Adoptions for all the below horses - meaning someone who pays a monthly fee for their stabling and food.
If you are able to support us, please consider to set up a monthly payment! Thank you!

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Salambo, now 27 years old, was my first rescue. When I found him he was dying of a neuro muscular disease. I could not watch him suffer and wanted to give him a nice last few days. However, he recovered and has now been with me since 7 years.

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Mr. Nou Nou

Mr. Nou Nou is Salambo's little shadow and his rescuer. The two are inseparable and share their space 24 hours. Mr. Nou Nou will alarm us if Salambo is not feeling well. 
Although his breed is a mini horse, this little mischief can behave like a big lion.

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Pebbles is over 40 years old. She is shy, and always together with her big supporter and companion Montgomery. If you gain her trust, she is the most reliable horse.


Moneda is a strong supermare and has been with me since 9 years. She supports me and the herd strongly and we use her in many of our ongoing activities to raise money for the weaker and older horses.


Marliese has a kind hearted sponsor who is originally from Swabia, Germany, hence the mare's name! Our youngest rescue, but not the easiest case. Marliese is very nervous and has lots of problems with her stomach. She was competed too much too early and her nerves were not able to cope with competition stress, causing lots of issues in her body, which still keep coming up, despite all our care and our assurance that she doesn't have to worry anymore....


Starlight has been with me since 5 years. A top endurance anglo arabian, he is a funny and faithful companion. He loves to give horse kisses (love bites) and is a good horse for riding lessons and a great supporter of our project.

Starlight has a high temperament, likes to race with the wind and show off his bucking skills with his best friend Victory.


Victory is a beautiful white Arabian and stands up to his name. He can be fast and strong, but also has a very gentle and calm way that wins him many hearts. He is the star in many of our corporate programs, and is one of the fit horses which we can use for rides.  


Montgomery is an over 30 year old warmblood. First a great show jumping horse, he was later sold to a riding school where he was the perfect, kindest school master, teaching many beginners to ride. When he got too old to do that, he was sold again, and things got pretty bad for him then... Since March 2019 he is with us.

Read more about him here...


Dhahab was discarded from the racing industry and will be one of our fitter rescues who can still carry riders and earn some money for the rest of the group. But even he has his problems and often needs breaks to recover, weeks where he is lame, and can't carry much. Would you like to virtually adopt Dahab?


Hazeha is one of our 2019 rescues and such a kind man. He came with Dhahab from an endurance racing stable. In that industry, only the fittest horses will stay, and all others are of no use. I made a promise to Hazeha that he is loved no matter how fast he runs or how fit he is. 

He is now loved by many children as well for his sweet character.
Can you help us sponsor Hazeha?


Ocean is over 20 years old and was a top endurance horse, until she fractured a leg. The fracture has healed, but she will never be able to race again. She is very kind and smooth, perfect for children who want to get closer to horses or experience some riding lessons.

Mr. FouFou

Mr. Foufou is 26 years old and a previous endurance racing champion. The owners asked me if I can offer him a nice retirement home. He has a very bad fungus in his hoof which will take time to cure. Once he is healed again, he will be a very reliable horse to take our visitors on easy rides!


Dynamik is a half brother of Mr. Foufou, they have the same great father, Tijani from France. Bred in Germany, Dynamik is now a retired endurance horse with a few health issues, but can be ridden by lighter riders. He has a very kind and soft nature, can sometimes be a bit scared and needs reassurance. He is the best buddy of Dhahab.


I am not 100% sure about Mandarino's story, but it is one that led him to be very mistrusting of humans. He is over 20 years old and another ex-endurance horse, with a broken leg that was fixed with a metal plate. He is very suspicious of humans, now slowly getting used to me and to be taken out and handled by other kind people too.

He needs lots of love to build up trust again...


Kim is our gentle giant who can also carry adult riders. She is a previous riding school horse who was no longer useful when she had an injured leg and was up for sale. She had been helping us already during her time in the riding school, and we decided that she did not deserve to end up in some miserable place. We gave her the time to heal, and now she is back to her strength and helps us with carrying all kinds of riders. 


Capitan is a big Andalusian. Yasmin knew him from her time working in Al Ain, and when she heard that he will be sold, she was devastated at not knowing where he will end up. A great supporter saved him from an unknown fate, and when he came to us he was sad and skinny. Now he is back to being the proud Andalusian, and is gentle with children and adults alike. He helps us to generate income for the unrideable horses. 

Tou Tou

Tou Tou is a tiny Falabella stallion. The family that owned him did not want to keep him as he was too much trouble and did not serve for the children. Being a stallion, he is indeed a little trouble maker, yet he is very much loved and adored by everyone who comes to visit us. He is only 8 years old. In 2020, he got a very severe colic, and because of his size had to undergo surgery to be saved. The bills are huge, if you can help us to pay the hospital, please get in touch. We could not simply leave him to die.


Our latest addition in 2020. Hope is a beautiful warmblood, sentenced to death because of a lifelong damage in his left front fetlock. He was also very skinny when he arrived. Our amazing ferrier immediately took action to make him feel better on his feet. We will see if we can nurse him back to health. However, he will never be able to carry riders again. Please support us with his food and stabling, he does not deserve to die young.


Meesan is not really a hard core rescue - he was being problematic in the riding school and threw down many riders. We took him in as we need as strong horse who can support our lessons and take away some work load off the older horses. 

A young Arabian who was gelded late, he dreams of being a unicorn, and our little riders certainly will make him feel special and loved, as he is such a beauty.

Previous Ride to Rescue horses

Many other horses have come to us before - and because we take in mainly the sick or old horses, death and saying goodbye is part of our project.
They may have gone, but they are still in our heart, and we are happy that we had the chance to meet them and give them an end in dignity.
Meet our previous horses here.

Thank you to our invaluable Supporters!