The story of Amirah

Amirah is our latest rescue who came to us mid of July 2020.
Unfortunately, she only stayed one month, her diseases were already too severe and she did not make it through.

2 Emirati brothers had found this skinny girl and decided to help right away.
She had a very unlucky start to 2020, loosing her owner due to health issues, then the lockdown and Corona hit and nobody was looking after her... until her luck changed and she was found in a desolate state.

The two brothers took her to their house where they built a temporary shelter and then reached out to Ride to Rescue for advice.

Yasmin went to visit Amirah a few times in their house and brought the vet along, advised on food and treatment, however the summer heat was not helping, as Amirah was already very weak.

After talking to Mandara Equestrian Club, it was agreed that Amirah would move into the stable where the other Ride to Rescue horses are also staying, with cool AC to help the mare put all her energy into recovery, where a team of amazing grooms and ferrier as well as the vet can regularly look after her, and where it is easier for Yasmin to spend time nursing her back to health.

Amirah's health issues 

The mare suffered from a variety of severe health issues, with the worst being a very progressed laminitis, that hindered her to spend much time standing - most of the day, she would be lying down, and must have been lying for weeks or months before we found her - this had caused several ugly ulsters and abscesses that began to open during her time with us.

She also suffered from Equine Piroplasmosis (EP), a tick-borne disease that resulted in anemia and weight loss, as well as from a very broken heart, since she lost her 5 month old foal. She was used for breeding due to her good blood line.

What got to her in the end was an infection and a fever that developed - with her lying down so much, it was impossible to keep the wounds clean effectively 24 hours a day.
Although we even managed to get a scaffolding build in her box to hold her up each day, it was not enough, and some bacteria must have gotten into her body through one of the many open wounds.   

Great supporters

In this time with such a sick horse, we are grateful to have had some great supporters.
Her Emirati rescuers covered the livery costs for Amirah - and our ferrier and vet were checking on Amirah daily and doing everything they could. Thank you to the wonderful Dr. Stefano Daneri from Equicare as well as Anthony and his team from Al Bouraq Horse Supplies.

We have also learnt a lot about alternative treatments of laminitis during the time with Amirah.
Aside from the treatments from the vet, we were researching into many natural remedies to support her immune system, yet not overload her body with chemicals. 

We found and tried a lot of interesting supplements - from aroma oils and Bach Remedies to celery, Flaxseed meal, Chia Seeds, and soaked Fenugreek seeds to help her gain weight and reduce inflammation, nevertheless, every day we also spend a lot on syringes, needles, cotton, Alcohol, vitamins and medicines...

If you need any advice on treating your laminitis horse, please contact us!

To support the costs of this rescue, our other horses remain available for evening rides and meditation sessions - please join us for a de-stressing hack around the Al Bahia area to keep our rescue project running, or buy one of our gift vouchers. 

pTS or not?

We had some discussions on social media about this - why all the effort and money to save one horse?
Why not simply euthanize and let her be pain free rather than letting her suffer for even longer?

This is a valid question and believe me, we would never keep a horse alive if we feel that it is in too much pain and that it has given up.

I have euthanized many animals over the past years and I believe I can judge when the right moment has come.

However, Amirah has since the first day we met her shown such a strong will to live - every time we talked about the option to euthanize her, she would eat with a wild hunger. She had many days were she was bright and vivid, standing up and walking and surprising us all, and dispersing all our thoughts that this was the end.

Many people have come to visit her in the month she was with us, we had many animal communicators who got in touch from remote or visited her personally, and the answer to this question was never clear...
a part of Amirah was ready to fight - and we therefore promised her that we would fight alongside for as long as she asked us to.

As a Horse Rescue we stand for exactly that - rescue a horse that nobody else believes in any more and that for others is just "another horse".

We believe that every being on this planet has the right for a happy, dignified life, and it is our passion to help those that have no voice.

When the day came and it was clear that she was not going to make it through, we asked to have her euthanized as we did not want a long painful death.
The sedation was all she needed - she died peacefully in the arms of our great supporter and ferrier Anthony. 

She left on her own terms and knowing love and a full belly.

Amirah will remain forever in our hearts! Thank you for showing us your great courage!

Thank you to our invaluable Supporters!