Urgent - Help Yasmin and her horses - summer 2019

Help Yasmin this summer 2019 - her rescue horses in UAE urgently need your support!

Yasmin started her rescue project with one horse she did not want to see suffer: Salambo, who was suffering a horrible muscle disease and she really just wanted to give him a few good last days before he died - however, he blossomed under her care and is now, 4 years later, a happy old horse.
Over the past years, the number of horses she has taken into her care has risen to 16. 

Yasmin is such a good soul, she just can't watch any animal suffer, and would rather sacrifice herself than not be able to help them.

Old horses, high costs = unable to pay the bills

Therefore she now has a lot of old, unwanted, unrideable horses in her care. Many of them need special treatment, special food, and a good stable with AC to survive the summer. This means high, monthly costs.
Some of them can earn money by doing horsemanship lessons for children, or corporate leadership seminars, but not all of them are fit for it. 

The summer months in UAE are a big struggle as clients stop coming to the stable, and this year (2019) the situation is worse than ever.
Yasmin hasn't been able to pay the stable bills over the past months, and the establishment put a deadline on her to pay half of the open bills by end of July, or else they would have to confiscate her horses.

Current situation: mid august

Due to the help of many people in UAE and internationally, Yasmin managed to get part of the open sum together.
The stable allowed her to take out a couple of horses to reduce the monthly costs.

Yasmin has built a temporary home for them in the villa where she currently lives herself.
Nevertheless, this again requires money for shades, fans, metal bars and a welder to set up fences, etc.

The rest of the amount still needs to be raised - the other old horses who stay in the AC in Mandara are still expensive to keep, and if Yasmin can't pay back her debts, she still risks that they are taken from her.

She doesn't have a rich husband or a Sheikh supporting her - Yasmin simply takes all this burden onto herself because of her good heart and good faith.

She lives in a port-a-cabin, doesn't have a salary, doesn't go on holiday and sacrifices all her life for the animals (on top of the horses, she also takes in lots of cats, chicken, etc!)

How you can help Yasmin:

The goal is a minimum of 150,000 AED, which is what is currently outstanding in livery charges.
40,000 AED have so far been reached, but this still leaves a big amount outstanding.

Yasmin doesn't have that money in her bank account.
You can help by spreading the word and sharing whatever you can - every Dirham counts at the moment!

Visit her, meet her and her horses yourself and you will know that it will be for a good cause and you are helping old, struggling and sick horses in UAE and a good hearted person trying to give them a few last good year, without any personal gain for herself except for the amazing joy she gets out of it.

Since April Yasmin is in talks with an animal welfare organization to be taken under their wing and therewith become an official charity - unfortunately, with Ramadan and the quieter summer months, the processes are taking longer than expected, and at the moment we have the following options for helping:

Bank transfer

The best is a direct bank transfer to Mandara Equestrian Club, as 100% of your transaction goes to the right source and there are no fees involved.
Please send a quick notification by whats app to Yasmin on Mobile ‭+971 52 193 5544 so she can keep track, and mention Ride to Rescue when doing the transfer:

Account Name:


Bank Swift Code:

Bank Details:

Mandara Equestrian Club



Mashreq Bank
Khalifa Street
Branch Code 005
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Go Fund Me

Yasmin's friend Andrea created a Gofund Page to help raise money for the cause. You can donate via the following link:

Yasmin is also looking at the option of moving more horses to a different place with less costs.
Unfortunately, for the horses which were previously imported from Europe and then left in the UAE, this is not an option. These horses don't belong in this hot climate and wouldn't be able to survive the summer heat outdoors.
Also, some of the other really old horses can't be without AC in the current weather of 45-50 degrees Celcius. It is therefore a matter of live or death to raise enough money to be able to keep them in their current stable.

Thank you in the name of the horses!!

Thank you to our invaluable Supporters!